IndEX - Making ATEX 137 compliance easy

Never miss a critical hazardous area inspection with centrally-held data that prompts your inspection and testing to keep your plant and equipment compliant with ATEX/DSEAR regulations. IndEx is a data capture and analysis software solution that:

  • Is specifically designed to capture exactly the information required by the ATEX/DSEAR regulations
  • Uses a series of simple screens to ensure inspection engineers complete all compliance tests and checks, asset by asset
  • Allows electronic data capture in-situ using intrinsically safe PDAs and simplifies administration
  • Permits analysis and reporting in a way that makes responses to HSE questions easy
  • Eliminates waste and reduces costs through a paperless system and reduced administration
  • Can be used for many more applications involving management of critical assets and processes

As a Maintenance and Engineering Manager you can plan work more efficiently, improve the productivity of your work force and, most importantly, make HSE compliance reporting easy.

Inspection engineers take to IndEx because it removes the tedious administrative paperwork and makes the job much easier. Intuitive forms and screen designs make it easy to use even for those less familiar with computers and systems.

The flexibility and simple set-up means you do not have to limit the use of the system to ATEX/DSEAR compliance. The system can be quickly exploited for a vast range of other applications such as earthing inspections, safety relief valves, asset management, lifting equipment, flexible hoses register, ladder inspections and many others.

In fact any critical process that is dependent on responding to a defined set of questions lends itself to IndEx.

Our support team at Terrington Data Management is always on hand to help you make the most out of your investment - contact Tracey Marshall on +44 (0)1904 567674 to discuss your immediate needs and start making compliance easy for your business.

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