IndEx Ex Inspection Software - Overview

"Process improvement efficiencies gained from using IndEx have enabled us to streamline our Ex inspection regime, resulting in an 85 per cent reduction in inspection and repair hours. This represents a significant annual saving and provides a substantial return on our investment."
Paul Mills, Innospec

ATEX 137, the European directive which became mandatory for all relevant workplaces on 1st July 2006, seeks to improve the safety and health protection of employees at risk from potentially explosive atmospheres.

Built on Terrington's Transform data management software platform, IndEx is a proven, secure software package that enables you to proactively manage your hazardous area testing and inspection processes by performing mobile inspections on-site using ATEX certified PDAs and Android tablet devices.

Designed to help you manage electrical and non-electrical inspections in potentially hazardous areas, IndEx can give you immediate access to data, early warning signs of equipment failure and immediate cost and time savings.

IndEx is supplied with a full set of industry standard templates for all explosion protection types for rapid installation and ease of use, all of which are fully configurable to meet individual requirements.  Visual, close and detailed inspection templates have been designed in line with the very latest IEC 60079-17 Explosive Atmospheres - Electrical Installations Inspection and Maintenance Standards (published late 2013). Completion of these templates will ensure that an accurate, up-to-date asset register is available at all times.

Take advantage of drop down lists to ensure consistency and accuracy of Ex inspection data and provide timely accurate data analysis.

Full inspection history is recorded, with a precise audit trail detailing exactly who did what and when.  Document storage facility enables you to hold all relevant documentation within the database; including plot plans, Ex certificates, product manuals, images etc - no more searching for relevant documentation during HSE visits.

NEWS UPDATE - Email Tracey Marshall or call +44 (0)1904 567674 to learn more about our Cloud (SaaS) offering, providing you with a fully managed service including remote hosting of database, support and latest software upgrades.

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