Simplifying inspection processes for ATEX/DSEAR compliance and cost reduction.

The two fundamentals of ensuring regulatory compliance of equipment installed in potentially hazardous areas are:

  • ensuring that equipment is installed to the IEC 60079-14 standard and
  • that equipment has an inspection and maintenance plan in accordance with IEC 60079-17 so that it continues to be safe to operate and that this can be demonstrated to the satisfaction of your HSE inspector

Follow these top tips to make your ATEX/DSEAR compliance straightforward so you are ready to answer any questions the next time your HSE inspector visits.

Put yourself in control - by making testing and hazardous area inspection processes an integral part of routine maintenance. Without doubt, having an up-to-date and accurate asset register takes time and resource, but it is essential for demonstrating regulatory compliance and ensuring your inspections are carried out in a timely manner. Make sure your investment in developing an asset register is not wasted by having a good system to a) record your information; b) easily report on the information and c) making future information updates easy and efficient.

Be secure - by ensuring that your system records who is responsible for carrying out the inspection and prompts your inspection and testing to keep your plant and equipment compliant with ATEX/DSEAR regulations and in optimum operating condition. This way you will never miss a critical hazardous area inspection and you will be able to respond quickly and accurately to HSE questions.

Get it right - by designing the system to the specific requirements of the ATEX/DSEAR regulations, ensuring the right questions are asked to complete the right inspection tests and collecting the right information specific to each asset on your register.

Reduce costs - by eliminating time consuming paper based systems and consider using technology to your advantage with electronic data capture to improve speed and efficient use of your resources. Think about how many times you have scribbled a note that made perfect sense at the time of the inspection but, by the time you transfer that information from paper, you have had to re-inspect because your note no longer makes sense - or, even worse, a third party transcriber has misinterpreted your note!

IndEx software has a straightforward auto-prompt form structure which is directly aligned to IEC 60079-17 to help you ensure your plant is ATEX/DSEAR compliant - and, because it has been designed in close consultation with the engineers who use it on a regular basis, is intuitive and easy to use.

For a no obligation demonstration of how IndEx can help you to achieve reduced cost compliance, contact Tracey Marshall on +44 (0)1904 567674.

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