Customer Testimonials

"Process improvement efficiencies gained from using IndEx have enabled us to streamline our Ex inspection regime, resulting in an 85 per cent reduction in inspection and repair hours. This represents a significant annual saving and provides a substantial return on our investment."

Paul Mills, Innospec Inc

"Terrington software is revolutionising our asset management contracts by improving the recording of valve data, access to records, identifying trends in valve performance and how we provide information to our customers."

Tony Brooke, Severn Unival

"Having abandoned our paper record system for electronic records I estimate a reduction in Contractor Manhours of around 40% to complete the tasks involved. Inspectors liked to use the hand held devices. They are easy to use and eliminated the tedium of paperwork from their task."

Steve Williams, Warwick Chemicals

"Inspection data can be quickly downloaded to the PCs, enabling an overview of how the plant is performing to be gained far more quickly. The quality of information gathered is far superior to our previous software package which improves the judgements which can be made as a result."

Mark Bigelow, UPM Kymmene-UK, Shotton Paper Mill

"I have always found Terrington to be very helpful, they have always tried to adapt the product to suit the customer and involve the customer before changing the product. I have always found Terrington very helpful in providing solutions to my problems, either on the telephone or by e-mail - whether it be a commercial or technical problem I always receive a cheerful welcome and a prompt reply."

Alan Muir, British Energy

"I am pleased to say that the service we have received from Terrington has been excellent, and as you are aware has been far in excess of that which we typically receive for some (industry standard) software products. Accordingly I would have no hesitation in recommending Terrington to any company who is considering adopting the software."

Gregg Imrie, York Bioanalytical Solutions

"Allows instant access to full electronic records of our building ventilation systems, enabling trends to be easily monitored within the building and vessels."

Willie Kennedy, Dounreay Site Restoration

"Terrington is a secure, proactive company that gives dynamic assistance when required. I consider the products supplied [by Terrington] to BP for the Juno project (ECA II), Clare and other locations as superior to others on the market."

Wilson Monteith, Measurement Consultant

The Terrington system gives us an assurance and integrity of data which was unattainable with our previous paper-based method. The system allows us to operate in real time. This creates better management and planning and enables us to quickly identify and address bottlenecks.

Mark Brunton, Maintenance Breakthrough Team, BP

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